Something’s Coming..

Who else is LOVING this weather? I mean seriously, it’s nearing 80 degrees in February.

But don’t start pulling out those bikinis just yet..

58 on Saturday?! That’s cold! I’m sweating today, and I’m gonna have to bundle it up this weekend.

Texas weather is like women, we just can’t seem to make up our minds. Can I get an amen?

Because really, only in Texas can I get in my truck reading 59 degrees in the morning and by the time I get out of the station it’s 97.

If you think this is as ridiculous as we do, tune in tonight to the Night Rush with Jeremy for a special homage to our weather with BCS locality and flair, brought to you by Crawsey Productions. If you can’t catch it live, just check the website around 7:30.

Is it really all Shel’s fault? Find out tonight!