Video: Dog bites TV news anchor in the face!

THIS IS CRA-CRA! An 85-pound Argentine mastiff dog, Max, was rescued from an icey lake Tuesday after he fell into the frigid water. He was chasing a coyote. Denver news achor Kyle Dyer was doing a feel good story on the rescued pooch and the Dog bit her in the FACE!

Dyer is doing ok and being evaluated by a trauma team. The hospital said she was awake and visiting with family.

HERE IS THE VIDEO FROM WHAT HAPPENED. (There is no gore or blood in the video)

The Denver Environmental Health department, said the owner of Max was cited with failure to have his dog on a leash, allowing a dog to bite and failure to have a vaccinated dog. The dog is being quarantined until a judge can hold a hearing on the charges and rule on the dog’s fate.

I think the news anchor got WAAYYYY to close in the face of the dog. That’s just me.