The More Facebook Friends You Have, The Bigger @*!& You Are.

Think about the biggest “facebook who#e” you know. I’m talking a constant barrage of status updates, wall defamation, and enough raccoon-eyed duckface bathroom pics to make you question your virtual friendship.

Now ask yourself, is this person:
A) your best friend
B) a toxic narcissist
C) quiet and reserved
D) a dumb bimbo

Okay, that one could have multiple answers, but let’s ultimately rule out choice C.

According to a new study from Western Illinois University, there’s a direct link between Facebook use and entitled, narcissistic behavior among American college students. Broadly, the more Facebook friends you have, the bigger @*!& you are. No really, it’s science!

From the Guardian:

Researchers at Western Illinois University studied the Facebook habits of 294 students, aged between 18 and 65, and measured two “socially disruptive” elements of narcissism – grandiose exhibitionism (GE) and entitlement/exploitativeness (EE).

GE includes ”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies” and people who score high on this aspect of narcissism need to be constantly at the centre of attention. They often say shocking things and inappropriately self-disclose because they cannot stand to be ignored or waste a chance of self-promotion.

The EE aspect includes “a sense of deserving respect and a willingness to manipulate and take advantage of others”.

So basically, narcissists are narcissists!! But what is this magic number that determines the line between being mildly popular and a huge tool? 800.

800?! That seems low to me.. I know a lot of people with over 800 friends, and not all of them I’d say are self-absorbed. Some of us went to big high schools or are just pretty good at networking. Sure there are exceptions to every rule, but I don’t think you can attach this stigma to number of friends. Now, number of vain profile pictures? Maybe.. but not number of friends, unless you’re reaching 3000 or so. That’s just stupid.. you don’t know 3000 people.

So, let’s rule this one out as a personality flaw that will diminish as we age and encounter real-world when we no longer feel the need to update everyone about how much we hate our ipod charger or when we decide the way to elicit true change is not by plastering incorrect and poorly researched viral videos all over my timeline in the name of humanity. You know, when we grow up.

I will say though, the one good thing about this seemgingly endless emotional transparency the internet offers us these days? With all the creeps trolling and miserable people telling us just how miserable they really are, the rest of us can easily avoid them.

What do you think of this study?!