8 Insulting Ways People Act “Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day

No one wants to be Irish on Economy Day or Finding A Job Day. But come Drinking Day suddenly everyone’s begorring their leprechauns and generally proving they’re as Irish as a really good point guard. So here’s your guide to being an awesomely terrible fake-Irish person on St. Patrick’s Day.

Due in large part to the fact that March 17th is one of the few days that people wish they were pale gingers, I personally love St. Patty’s day.

So naturally, I had to post an angry Irish rant from a guy who I’m imagining looks something like this:

No wonder he’s so bitter right?

Anyway, here are the 8 things he hates to see people do on St. Patrick’s Day:

8.) Wear a Kiss Me I’m Irish T-Shirt
7.) Call it St. Patty’s (whoops)
6.) Wear a Flag Cape
5.) Try To Use a Cupla Focail
4.) Thank St. Patrick for Anything
3.) Sing Rebel Songs and Hate the English
2.) Drink Far Too Much
1.) Drink Green Beer

Obviously, this guy doesn’t like fun. Green Beer is by FAR my favorite part. And no, I don’t think anyone really believes the Irish created this.

Here’s his full article on CRACKED

I think he’s on crack.

How will you be spending St. Patrick’s Day? And where can I find some fekkin’ green beer?