There’s a new trend bouncing around social media sites and motor-boating its way across the country, thanks to the University of Kansas.

It seems the Jayhawks are so excited about their upcoming (and extremely unexpected) trip to New Orleans for the Final Four, they’ve taken fan appreciation to a whole new level.


It’s called #KU_boobs and the phenomenon involves pictures from one social media whore to the next, each one featuring an eager chest. I’d like to think they were going for the ultimate form of support joke in the beginning of this campaign, but now I think it’s morphed into an outlet for trashy Kansans to crop out their faces in already provocative pictures for the sake of being.. even more provocative.

And since UNC hasn’t thought of this yet, we’re all over it.

Kiss our #aggie_assets Kansas.

Come on Aggieland, get “behind” us. Let’s show the Jayhawks what a pain in the !@# they really are.

Send us your pics or tweet them to here, ¬†but remember¬†guys, we’re trying to poke fun of Kansas, so keep the clothes on.