Casper “Not-So” Smart

Casper Smart recently tattoed J-Lo’s name on his already inked up bod, but I bet you’ll never guess where..

His peen. No really.

Because nothing says “I love you” quite like having a tatoo artist etch your girlfriend’s name on your nether regions.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

“According to a friend, Casper surprised J.Lo with this token of his affection – and she was thrilled with the latest addition to his already inked-up body!

“Jennifer thinks Casper’s tattoos are sexy, but this one is her favorite, for obvious reasons,” her friend says. “She loves it, and she loves him.”

It’s a lovefest all around, according to another source, who says Casper’s friends and family have become “obsessed” with his high-profile relationship. One wrote on his Facebook wall: “All of you mom and dad’s friends are living vicariously through you” after Casper posted a photo of him with J.Lo. And his mom has even renamed herself Shawna Lopaz!”

I am at a total and complete loss for words. I mean how badly is it gonna be in a few months when they break up and he has it lasered off? That’s definitely not something you can hide from future girlfriends.. I guess the fact he’ll probably get a big fat check if they marry and divorce in a under a year makes the pain all worth while.

And as stupid as this whole thing is, is it wrong that I’m trying to figure out how large it is and how much of her name he was able to fit? I mean if we’re talking Helvetica 72, she might as well put a ring on it.

How would you feel if your son got that or any other woman’s name tattooed on his dong? SO GROSS.