Hot Babes We Should Know About (3/4 – 3/10)

Talk about an award winning match up last week!  Rising actress Minka Kelly squeaked a tight victory out, awarding her two wins in a row.

Andi Muise – Week #8 Challenger

Andy Muise is our first Canadian to enter this hot babes competition, and for good reason!  Andi is a stunning model that has been featured in GQ and Allure magazines.  In 2005 she was featured in a show you just may have heard of, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  On top of her modeling achievements Andi was hired on to be a interviewer for “The Black Eyed Peas” during a stint in 2010.  Standing at 5’9 Andi offers a sleek body, professional manner, and killer seduction.  She gives you that DIFFERENT look that is amazingly beautiful.

Minka Kelly – Week #6, #7 Winner

Minka Kelly was born to be a legitimate hottie.  She is the child of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufray.  Minka has become known as one of the most beautiful ladies in the acting industry, while beginning to get mainstream attention.  In 2011 she found herself in big films such as, Just Go With It and The Roommate.  Minka also has played in several television roles including, Parenthood and a main role on Friday Night Lights.  With long brunette hair, an amazing frame, and a “cute” vibe still in here arsenal, Minka is one of the most beautiful ladies in the acting business.  Get this babe some roles Hollywood! Minka Kelly is a definite knockout.

A battle of two stunning brunettes!  Lets see if Minka can make it three in a row, or if Andi will take the helm!?

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