IRISH This Were a Joke….

As an Irish American.. I read this headline and LOLed. (Maybe even LedMFAO, because this is so stupid I’m at a loss for real words.)

“Irish-Americans’ fury over ‘arrogant and disrespectful’ novelty St Patrick’s Day T-shirts at Urban Outfitters”

I’m often offended by Urban Outfitters, but that’s usually due to obscene prices for things I could find at good will.

And okay sure, the Irish enjoy throwing back a few Guinnesses here and there, but it’s a country known for pubs and fondness for celebration and merriment. Which for some us, myself included, translates to fondness for social situations where alcohol is involved.

But apparently, Urban Outfitters has finally gone TOO far. They’ve offended a swathe of Irish-Americans who have not taken a range of St Patrick’s Day T-shirts, mostly featuring jokes about drunkenness, lightly.

Here’s what this group I’ve never heard of is peeved over:

Okay the hat’s a little offensive.. but this has been going on for years!?

What do you think?