Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #3

Episode 3: “One World Is Out The Window”

Episode three marked a momentum shift in Survivor One World.  It also showed some powerful forces in the game along with a power alliance.


The Salani (girls tribe) has been absolutely demolished to this point of the game.  With Survivor reverting back to its old format of two challenges per episode, it makes for more chances to gain momentum.  Like any sport or event in life, momentum is key to the psychological state of mind.  The two tribes faced off in a memory challenge where Salani blew out Manono.  This was Salani’s first victory and scored them fishing gear and a boat.  As soon as the girls started to show promise they seemed to lose it.  With a huge rainstorm shortly after the challenge the girls got drenched.  You may remember the men won the tarp for their camp, keeping them nice and dry.  We seen an emotional breakdown from Chelsea, the women begging the men to help them stay warm, and just flat out whining.  I’m not saying this game is easy, I’m not saying this game is not emotional.  However the girls NEED TO GET OVER IT.  They are not even one third into this adventure yet.  Showing that you are weak, means you are weak to others.  Every little thing you say, every little blow up weighs on a possible jury.

The Numbers Game

The Salani girls went into the immunity challenge looking foolish once again.  It was a classic Survivor blindfolded obstacle course.  Sabrina was the guide for the women and Bill for the men.  Bill was much better at guiding his troops, while Sabrina failed to dictate much of anything.  With Manono cruising to another victory Bill had to complete a puzzle.  He seemed to be doing this puzzle himself as the other tribe mates stood around without much help.  Meanwhile Sabrina FLEW through the puzzle bringing the ladies all the way back.  For once the girls looked like a cohesive unit and were helping each other effectively.  It would lead to their first immunity victory as Sabrina lead a HUGE comeback win.  This was a possible million dollar victory for Salani.  They would have been down three in numbers, and essentially probably would have never come back.  When you go into a merge without numbers it is an uphill battle the rest of the game.  Even if you make it to the end, the jury is usually playing for the other team.  It’s just a bad situation.  Now the Manono had to make their first vote, and it was a fun one.  You had two sides.  The “misfit” five, Colton, Troyzan, Tarzan, Leif, and Jonas versus the “muscle” four, Matt, Michael, Jay, and Bill.  What a horrible game plan by the “muscle.”  Look I understand the idea of putting multiple strong guys together.  However when that isn’t the majority of the tribe, what sense does it make?  Colton was the oddball, they had to pick him up.  Instead they let his loose cannon attitude align with the older men.  Immediately this put Matt and Bill on the chopping block.

A Loose Cannon

This season has been Colton’s bizarre adventure so far.  He proved last night that he may not win the game, but he will leave a lasting impression.  With his idol on the “misfit” five’s side they went into tribal council prepared to vote off the strong.  While I’m usually not for voting off the strong early, this group had no choice.  They secured Jay from the younger group to join their side making it a much easier vote.  Matt was then blindsided and eliminated from the game.  This sets precedent that this season won’t be run by the young muscular guys, who think they are owed something.  I love it, Survivor is a game much more about mental factors, not your six pack.  Colton’s loose cannon tendencies have set this up.  Once he revealed that he had an idol the five had to vote with him.  The last thing you want against your squad in Survivor is an idol.  See Russell Hantz.  However Colton is only good for so long.  This group can’t put too much trust into him.  They have to squeak the idol out sooner than later.  If they don’t he could join the ladies at the merge, thus having numbers and an idol.  Colton is like a few clowns we’ve seen lately.  Brandon Hantz, Phillip (CIA Agent?), these guys have no chance of winning, they just screw your game.  They are PERFECT in an alliance if they are with you.  If they aren’t you must get rid of them ASAP.  They deflect attention with nonsense and keep the opponents on edge.  I think Tarzan gets this when he said Colton holds a lot of value to their tribe.  He has value in that idol, and value in keeping your name off the ledger!  The next episode will be interesting as we have begun to see riffs between two sides on Manono.  Will this create conflict in the challenges?

Player Of The Week:  Sabrina Thompson

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael – 1 Win

1.  Sabrina – 1 Win

1.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win