Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #4

Episode 4: “Bum-Puzzled”

Survivor has spawned a lot of dumb moves in the history of the game.  Throwing challenges, giving away individual immunity, giving up immunity idols, etc.  Yesterday’s debacle may take the cake as the most ridiculous move ever.

Night And Day

After a horrendous start it appears the Salani tribe has started to get things together.  The reward challenge was a semi blowout by the ladies.  Even Kat did a solid job at the challenge, (surprising huh?)  Salani claimed the much needed tarp for their camp.  Keeping their bodies dry should definitely resonate well for future game-play.  However the immunity challenge was a COMPLETELY different story.  The challenge was a puzzle challenge done in pairs.  It contained three puzzles, putting six brains to work.  Country girl Chelsea and loud mouth Alicia were paired together for the first puzzle.  It was a horrendous display, as the two had a meltdown.  The Manono tribe all but won the entire challenge before the girls could put it together.  It really wasn’t even a challenge.

Colton Or The Joker?

When you have a bunch of people who are clueless, they sometimes turn to someone they truly don’t understand.  In The Dark Knight it was the Joker, in Survivor it has been Colton.  Colton has had a huge beef with Bill since day one, for no reason at all.  It got to the point where Colton made a nonsense suggestion to give away immunity and vote out one of their own.  Yeah right, like anyone would go for that right?  Apparently I underestimated the stupidity of Manono.  They took a unanimous vote and agreed to vote out on of their own.  On the chopping block was of course Bill, and outsider Leif.  Leif came into scrutiny with all his tribe mates.  He had told Bill that Bill was on the chopping block during the last vote.  This didn’t sit well as rumors swept around camp.  I really didn’t get why Leif did this, but it was and overblown thing.  It’s not a betrayal worth losing immunity for.  Leif isn’t a power player he could be expended at any time.  As they went to tribal council Jeff was absolutely STUNNED.  This is where Colton showed his true colors.  He attacked Bill using racism, his upbringing, and telling Bill to get a, “real job.”  The rest of the tribe looked stunned but yet NOBODY would stand up to Colton.  Bill was voted out for absolutely no reason at all, as Manono lost a strong member of their tribe.  There is no room for Colton in this game.  This kind of trash shouldn’t be supported by CBS.  I know it’s free speech and all, but this is Survivor not The Real World.  I love this show because of the unique combination of skills it takes to win a million dollars.  Giving up team immunity?  I would not vote for any guy to win the million dollars now.  They don’t deserve it if they are willing to put themselves on the chopping block by giving immunity.  I don’t know if they are just all going to be afraid of Colton all season because of an immunity idol.  If you want to win the prize you have to be willing to make moves.  Tarzan and Jonas might as well be Colton’s puppets, for no given reason.  I just don’t get it?

Nobody gets player of the week this week.  This was a disgusting episode.  It’s looking like there will be a possible tribe switcheroo next week and that may save the integrity of the game.  Lets hope!  This has been an ugly season.

Player Of The Week:  Nobody

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael – 1 Win

1.  Sabrina – 1 Win

1.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win