Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #5

Episode 5: “A Bunch Of Idiots”

I apologize for the delay of this post!  I just got to watching this episode last night.  Talk about a HUGE switcheroo in this game. I have a feeling new power players are set to emerge, and others reign will be short lived.

Tribe Switch

The classic tribe switch!  It takes me back to the old glory days of Survivor.  It could not have happened at a better time.  Salani had gained momentum and Manono was being weird.  Toss up the players and create new excitement!  The tribes arrived at their reward challenge when Jeff dropped his classic, “drop your buffs” line.  The tribes were split into male and female groups randomly.  The new Salani is now Troyzan, Kim, Sabrina, Michael, Kat, Jay, Chelsea.  Meanwhile the new Manono became, Leif, Colton, Monica, Jonas, Alcia, Christina, and Tarzan.  Salani definitely has a huge physical advantage and everyone recognized it.  The new Salani edged out a victory in the reward challenge that gave them a distinct advantage.  They were able to claim the old camp, sending Manono off to a new beach.  They would now be forced to create a new shelter.

Early developments at Salani look promising.  Sabrina, Kim, Kat and Chelsea retained their core alliance.  They were able to swoop in Troyzan, Jay, and Michael fairly easily, giving them five strong.  Kim and Sabrina are playing VERY strong games right now.  They are likeable and have a lot of people on their side.  I look for either one of them to be a winner in this game.  In addition Kim found a hidden immunity idol in which she shared with Chelsea.  If Kim can keep this secret they can go a long way. 

The new Manono tribe is a mess.  Colton’s evil head seems to be running the show again, and creates negativity at camp.  Yes their team may be over matched, but Survivor challenges are not all about physicality.  Colton and Alicia convened early as two villainous charactersManono got destroyed in a water basketball challenge and were set to vote their first member off.  This season everything has been Colton’s way, and he got it.  He wanted Monica out strictly because of her physical strength.  Alicia not wanting to be ousted joined the guys and voted her old teammate off.  Colton’s strategy of voting off all of the strong players baffles me at this stage of the game.  I guess I give him credit for using Jonas and Tarzan as human puppets, but the votes lack sense.  Colton needs strong players to get him to the end.  He will virtually have no numbers soon.  Russell Hantz made it to the end playing this type of game, but Colton isn’t Russell Hantz.  Manono will not survive if a player doesn’t step up at some point.  You cannot win this game without making big moves when presented.  I think it would be easy to blindside Colton because of his ego right now.  I think Alicia as a talker should try at some point.  Next week may not be the right time, but the longer he goes with that idol, the harder it is to flush.

Players To Watch

The new tribe switch has given life to certain players on their outs.  Leif now can play in the background and survive.  Troyzan I think is a guy that can work over the ladies and use their votes at the merge.  Michael, a quiet player so far, is no longer on the bottom of the “muscle” totem poll.  All three of these guys have been given a new life to establish a new game.  Tribe switches can make your game or end it all in one day.  Monica could have went to the end if it weren’t for that tribe switch in my opinion.  I can’t wait to see whats next!  Best episode of the season thus far.

Player Of The Week:  Kimberly Spradlin

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael – 1 Win

1.  Sabrina – 1 Win

1  Kim – 1 Win

1.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win