Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #6

Episode 6: “Thanks for the Souvenir”

Episode six of Survivor One World was yet another episode of surprises!  This season is far from the best played, but the oddness of it has kept my interest.  The quickly fading Manono tribe was under the rule of Colton, while Salani appeared to be dominant.  However the game would take a huge 360 once again.

What’s The Point?

When playing the game of Survivor you have to play every situation like it’s a million dollar conversation.  Just because you hate somebodies guts doesn’t mean you show them that.  Just because they are going home next, doesn’t mean you tell them that.  You never know when a devastating twist is coming your way.  When it does you may need that one outcast for numbers.  The best players in this game make others feel like they have a good spot to the end with them at all times.  You will make enemies, but you will also be respected as Survivor guru if you can work it.  Alicia and Colton have felt it was necessary to treat Christina like trash.  She obviously appeared to be going home next and they made fun of her relentlessly.  What strategy is this?  There is no purpose to beat people to death.  You know there is a jury right?  Alicia and Colton have been horrible players thus far.  Horrible players sometimes make it further in the game because they are no end game threat.  Their strategy has been to be loud, be stupid, and really not do much of anything for an end game.  Manono made a huge mistake putting any trust into these two.

Karma Is A Bleep

The Salani and Manono tribe faced off in a reward challenge for ice cream.  As expected the Salani tribe won fairly easily.  The only person on Manono doing much of anything was Tarzan (surprising enough).  Salani continues to look strong with at least four players that I think could win this game.  I still have my money on Sabrina as this seasons winner.  Following the challenge Manono continued to point fingers at Christina going home, while acting rude.  That’s when the shocker came down!

Colton started complaining of severe pain that night, leading into the next morning.  He collapsed on the ground, when medical came in.  It was diagnosed that he possibly had appendicitis, and was removed from the game.  Just like that, his “dominance” had been concluded.  Now Alicia lost her strategical buddy, and Christina perhaps was above her on the chopping block.  Survivor flips very, very quickly!  As you may remember Colton has an immunity idol in which he held onto, leaving the game.  Colton’s legacy will be left as one of the biggest “villains” in Survivor history.  I strongly disagree.  His moves lacked sense at a lot of times, and he would have not had a shot at winning this game.  Villains such as Parvati, Russell, Johnny Fairplay, all had a motive for their craziness.  I’m not sure Colton ever did.  Following this another incident took place when both tribes were sent to tribal council.  Fortunately for them nobody was voted out.  The tribes have now merged into one.  Alicia’s life appeared to be spared.

Craziness Is Upon Us

In this season of Survivor I don’t see a true power alliance.  Merging with 12 people, six guys, six girls, creates a fun dynamic.  Right now is an opportune time to get rid of a strong player, before they get stronger with less people.  People like Sabrina, Kim, Troyzan, and Jay, will have to be a little on edge.  If they make it passed the next two episodes they can ride it to the end.  Player of the week goes to Christina this week for hanging in there and taking a lot of abuse.  She sucked it up, didn’t say anything stupid, and may have new life in this game.  I can’t wait for next week!

Player Of The Week:  Christina Cha

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael – 1 Win

1.  Sabrina – 1 Win

1.  Kim – 1 Win

1.  Christina – 1 Win

1.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win