Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #7

Episode 7: “The Beauty In a Merge”

Episode seven of Survivor One World was an opportune time for a big move to be made.  Rather than taking that risk, the majority of tribe mates followed the majority.  Unfortunately for the males, I believe the females are the leading the executions.

Merge Time

At a merge of 12 people, a lot of interesting dynamics are put at play.  The new Salani tribe of seven had the numbers.  But would the new tribes stick to each other, or would old male/female alliances be reborn?  Kim seems to have the best idea and is playing both ideas, till an ultimate decision has to be made.  The very best strategists in Survivor have shown an ability to blanket themselves in multiple power alliances.  However the time will come when she is seen as a big threat, and she made need that hidden immunity idol.

The show started with the typical merge feast.  Shortly after it was time for a reward challenge.  This one wasn’t too relevant.  Back at camp Jonas and Tarzan had a shouting match.  I found it comical, and really senseless.  Those two were at the bottom of the totem pole and put red flags all over the place.  Jonas was highly upset when Tarzan told Michael about possible plans without anyone’s consent.  Jonas really didn’t have too much reason to be mad.  Their alliance from Manono didn’t have numbers and they all should have been scrambling.  Tarzan probably knows his role of being a waste on this show, with no chance at winning.  He can go say whatever he wants and I don’t think he will be voted off.

From Tarzan to Troyzan.  Troyzan is easily my favorite player this season.  He woke up early one morning during this episode and found an idol.  What I love most about this is, HE TOLD NOBODY.  Troyzan is a huge power player in this game and they will be gunning for him sooner than later.  By keeping this idol secret he can hold destiny in his own hands.  If any of the guys want to win this game it’s imperative they take out females calling the shots.  Sabrina and Kim remain as the most dangerous players in this game, in my opinion.

A Wasted Opportunity

The immunity challenge was an absolute thriller!  It was a ball balancing challenge that went down to the wire with Kat and Troyzan.  Troyzan barely pulled it off claiming the first individual immunity.  The Salani seven immediately targeted Jonas as a player to vote off.  Much to my surprise Jonas’s old allies jumped on board and voted him out.  This was such a waste vote!  At the beginning of a merge I generally think of it as a time to make a power move in the game.  None of the guys seemed to want to do that and let the girls take a one person advantage.  I have a feeling the girls may all re convene and pick off these guys one by one.  Jonas was not a threat at winning this game, nor was he a guy raising havoc.  If it were up to me I would have targeted players such as Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea, Troyzan, or Michael.  They all may be in the same alliance so it would be tricky.  Regardless as a man I would just be uneasy with that many young girls working together.  The girls are following Kim right now.  People like Alicia may think they’re in “control” but it’s no question to me.  As a whole this episode lacked any real forward movement besides lessening numbers.  Salani is now up 7-4 in numbers, but I don’t believe them to be true numbers.  I believe Kim wants to shed some dead weight guys, use Salani numbers as an excuse, then execute guys from all alliances.  They will be targeting threats soon if they are smart, from both sides.  Christina could remain a swing vote for ANY alliance still.  I think something crazy is coming, I just hope it’s soon!

Player Of The Week:  Troy Robertson

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Michael – 1 Win

1.  Sabrina – 1 Win

1.  Kim – 1 Win

1.  Christina – 1 Win

1.  Troyzan – 1 Win

1.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win