Four Tips for Making the First Move

The hardest part about meeting someone is always the approach.  So today we’ve got four tips from about what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T DO when you’re making the first move.  Listen up  . . .

#1.)  Make Eye Contact. We all know eye contact is important when you’re talking to someone. But if you’re thinking about approaching a random stranger, you should always make eye contact BEFORE you make any kind of move.

–That way, they’ll know you’re interested, and you can get a feel whether the attraction is mutual.  Plus, they won’t be caught completely off-guard when you do eventually go up to them.

#2.)  Don’t Use a Line.  Most women have heard every line in the book, so it’s not going to sound genuine.  A simple way to start a conversation is just to introduce yourself.  That’s it.  Or, as a back up, have something to say about wherever you are.  Just don’t ask, “Do you come here often?”

#3.)  Use Humor.  Using humor is great because it’s not aggressive, like a pick-up line.  Plus, if you can make someone laugh, they’re more likely to keep talking to you even if they’re not feeling it right away.

#4.)  Be Careful with Your Compliments.  Telling a woman she has a great body is WAY too sexual when you’re just meeting her.  So if you’re going to compliment her looks, stick to her eyes, her smile, or her hair.


Have you gotten your own reality check on making the first move. what worked for you? what didn’t work?