Everyone is buying tickets for the Mega Million jackpot tonight. You have a better chance of being hit by a falling piece of space debris than winning but hey someone is going to win and if you do, you need to be prepared!

The “New York Times” put together a list of the six things you should do when you win: (Notice I said “when” and not “if”)

#1.) Sign the back of the ticket.

This way the ticket is officially yours and then lock it into a safe until you can turn it in.

#2.) The First call you should make is to your lawyer.

They can help you out with any legalities and also help you set up trusts and investments so you don’t blow through all of your money. Make SURE it is someone that you trust!

#3.) Put into perspective how much you have won

After taxes you will probably walk away with half, assuming that you are the only winner. Make sure you can keep it all in perspective.

#4.) Try to shield your identity.

If your state allows you have your lawyer set up a trust so that no one knows you won so you don’t have to worry about threats or unwanted solicitations.

#5.) Plan one good splurge.

Wait until the money is in the bank but once it is, pick on thing and splurge.

#6.) Get the money locked into investments.

This will help you build your assets and also help you say no to people who want money. There will be plenty of them, I bet you even discover relatives you never knew you had!

Are you gonna play the lottery?! And what would you do if you won the money?!