AUDIO: Modern Day Midas – POP

It’s Party on the Patio tonight at Ozona Grill & Bar (like you didn’t already know.)

Tonight’s Rock the Republic featured artist Modern Day Midas stops by the show to sing a few songs and chat about life, his band name, big fat franks, and Bono.

Oh and his video game song? Hilarious.

You can hear more from Modern Day Midas at Ozona Grill & Bar for Party on the Patio at 8pm!

And here’s that video I alluded to:

Can’t get enough of Midas? check out the facebook page.

And for my fellow drinking enthusiasts out there, I present to you tonight’s $3 shot:


if you loved those as a kid, come out and give it a try. Don’t be cheap – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!

eeeek! rain or shine, tonight’s going to be a great show.