This Weekend it’s a Sam Raimi Weekend!

Working in radio and media, I have the opportunity to interact with some really creative and funny people.  So we obviously have some very strange conversations about weird topics.  After a long discussion over the character development and plot twists of the Starz series, SPARTACUS, I went off on a tangent about Sam Raimi.  You may recognize his name in association with the Spiderman movies, but he is a very talented filmmaker who started with an 8mm camera as a teenager, and  has been working in the motion picture industry since the early 80s.

So anyway, after talking about the upcoming episode of Spartacus, and Sam Raimi, I began thinking about all the Sam Raimi films and tv shows from the 80s 90s and 2000s.  So this weekend, I will be dialing up the Suddenlink On Demand and filling my Netflix cue with some of his work.  If you’re not a Sam Raimi fan or you’ve never heard of these movies, check these out if you’ve got some time and you want to laugh.

1st I say you should start the Evil Dead 1 or Evil Dead 2.  For the non-die hard fan, they are basically the same, Evil Dead 2 has a little better production value, but they are both, funny, gory, comedic horror slasher films.


After that, Army of Darkness is my favorite of  Sam’s  Evil Dead movies.  I think everyone should see this movie!


If you remember these shows, then you definitely know the Raimi name.  I am still a big fan of the goofy 3 stooges-esque action sequences and hilarious storylines in both Hercules and Xena are from the creative genius of Sam Raimi.  These shows were great, I still love all the tongue in cheek humor, anachronistic jokes, and Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi cameos and roles.


Don’t watch too many episodes of those back to back though, or your mind may explode.

Of course,  I am assuming you’ve seen at least one of the  Spiderman movies, but take notice of the action sequence where Dr Octopus fights Spidey in the coffee shop and how similar it is to some of the fight scenes from Army of Darkness.


Raimi has gotten good at his craft and though most contemporary horror films have missed the mark with me.   I really did enjoy his 2009 movie Drag Me to Hell.


So this weekend I will be checking out Sam Raimi’s library of work and if you haven’t seen any of these movies or didn’t realize they were all related, well just look for Sam, he usually makes a cameo in all his works, whether he credits himself or not.


Sam is also Tapped to make a movie based on the MMORPG World of Warcraft.  So whether he sees this or not, I would like to say, “Thanks Mr. Raimi, for all the great work over the years, and if this remake of the Evil Dead is actually going to happen, please do it right. Also, say hello to Bruce and your brother Ted for me!”

This is closest thing I could find for an official Sam Raimi website: