VIDEO: Courtney Stodden’s Chest for PETA

MeatMeet the new facechest of PETA.

Courtney Stodden herself isn’t environmentally friendly, but Khloe Kardashian dropped PETA and they needed someone quick.

So, everyone’s favorite famewhoritarian is back with a special message on behalf of her furry friends! And who knew she was like, such a deep thinker, ya know?

I’m just glad the video is in black and white because a) her frosted lipstick wouldn’t be as comical and b) it would show she dyes her dog pink and Peta may be known for a lot of things, but hypocrisy is not one of them.

Just like me and sarcasm!

I just wish PETA would be as concerned about the exploitation of this plastic woman child raised to be an Anna Nichole Smith-Barbie as they are about animal rights. I mean the camera jumps from her inability to form sentences to footage of animals being tortured without the slightest sense of irony. And honestly, I’m not sure which was more painful to watch.

I’m legally required to tell you there’s some animal cruelty at 1:22.

I think I’ll have a hamburger for dinner.

AND SPEAKING OF, if anyone knows anyone who works/owns/holds stock at Carl’s Jr., please tell them to offer this girl a commercial STAT. I’m wondering how quickly she’d give up that hamburger bit to scarf one down Paris Hilton style.