VIDEO: Tyga’s SHOOTOUT in Nebraska: Which YMCMB Rapper Got SHOT?!

Who knew Omaha was so thug? This is terrible, terrible news.

From Media Take Out:

Everything was going fine until a concert goer threw a bottle on stage while rapper Tyga was performing. Initially Tyga and his security ignored it, but when another bottle was thrown, Tyga stopped to address the situation. He basically told those who threw the bottles that if they wanted to fight, they could meet him outside.

Here’s the video of the incident: (NSFW LOTS OF LANGUAGE)

Yikes. So even though the crowd got rowdy, Tyga continued to do his last song for his fans. After leaving the venue, gang members started SHOOTING at Tyga and his people. Tyga was able to come out of the situation unharmed, but a FEMALE ARTIST named Honey Cocaine wasn’t so lucky.

We’re told that people who were NEXT TO Tyga (who were NOT associated with him) fired back at the goons in self defense. And that Tyga’s artist Honey Cocaine got wounded in the crossfire, she was hit with a bullet to her arm. Honey Cocaine is in stable condition. No one else was hurt.

We’re just glad the Cocaine’s okay.

OH YEAH. And this is coming to College Station on April 16th…