So Bear Grylls was fired by the Discovery channel the other day, putting to bed one of the biggest arguments I’ve ever instigated: Survivorman Les Stroud was and always will be better than Man vs Wild.

I’ve broken the two men down to help you in this tough decision.

Bear Grylls. Host of Man vs. Wild. Former soldier in the British Special Air Services; youngest Briton ever to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest.
•Survival Strengths: Can climb just about anything; has a million ways to make a compass; very fit; willing to take a risk to survive; purposefully puts himself in worst possible scenarios in order to show his TV audience how to deal with them; unmatched intestinal fortitude; knows all of the survival techniques from the British Special Forces and the French Foreign Legion.
•Survival Weaknesses: Mother Nature will make him pay for that bravado of his; has never been truly alone in a survival situation, and thus is less cautious; somewhat of a carnivore, taking less opportunities from the plants around him; take away his flint and he might never see fire again; that barge on the river Thames isn’t exactly the best place for him to practice his skills. And what happens when you take away the camera crew and snacks?!
•Ideal Location for Showdown: Any rough terrain where he can exploit his climbing ability.

Les Stroud. Host of Survivorman. Survival instructor from Canada, where his backyard is one of the toughest environments on Earth.
•Survival strengths: Can make a fire from just about anything; Efficient hunter and trapper; has been in many survival situations where he is truly alone; takes a more realistic approach to survival, an example more worth following; the knowledge that, no matter how much you have in terms of tools and knowledge at your disposal, the most important survival tool is to keep a cool head and not panic; he lives in Canada, for crying out loud.
•Survival Weaknesses: While Stroud is fit, his age (45) might give a physical disadvantage against Grylls; lives in Canada, and when in very warm environments (e.g. Costa Rica rainforest), he can be very much out of his element; struggles a lot more when climbing, but not having to haul camera gear might him more evenly matched;
•Ideal location for showdown: Any location that is cold.

If you’ve watched the two shows, this is a no brainer. Les Stroud uses items you might have on you while in one of these situations, so imagine what he could do with an entire plane!!

I know my and the Discovery Channels answer, but which would you rather?

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