You Should Fight That Speeding Ticket!

Sometimes you need to challenge a speeding ticket, particularly if it could drive up your insurance rates. Instead of hiring an attorney, try these lawyer-recommended tactics.

You just got hit with a speeding ticket. Now what?

For first-timers, the response could be simple: Pay the fine or take the opportunity many states offer to erase the offense from your record. Odds are, you won’t suffer higher car insurance rates.

But with two or more moving violations, you’ll find that an additional ticket may endanger your finances. Beyond possible license suspension or revocation, you could be staring at escalating fines and premium hikes in the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. An analysis of 32,000 car insurance quotes found that drivers with two violations were offered rates 34% higher than drivers with no violations.

You may want to fight the ticket. A lawyer could cost from $75 to $500, depending on where you live. Or you could go to court on your own. Lawyers specializing in traffic violations offer the following five strategies, which could help:

1. Delay the hearing date if possible

The more time passes, the better the chances the officer who pulled you over may not show, causing the infraction to be dismissed. He or she could be sent to another division. Or the officer could find another job, move to a different city or get sick and be unable to appear.

2. Remember every detail you can

Information — specific information — means everything in court. The more details you can present before a judge that contradict the traffic officer, the greater the likelihood the charge will be thrown out and you’ll be able to maintain your affordable car insurance.

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