10 Best Cities for Singles

[From Kiplinger.com]

To put together our list of best cities for singles, we took into account income and living costs. The cities that made the final cut boast household income levels well above the Census Bureau average of $49,536. The cost-of-living score–derived from Council for Community and Economic Research data–indicates essential costs, including rent. A high score is acceptable as long as it’s offset by attractive incomes and a strong dating pool.
We screened cities based on the percentage of unmarried households because many otherwise great places to live are heavily populated by happily wedded couples, not swinging singles. We limited our list to cities with unmarried households comfortably above the average of 49.4%.
Finally, we added what we dubbed a date-night tab: the average cost of two movie tickets plus a bottle of wine. Use the amount to budget for your next night out. Take a tour of our top-10 cities for singles.

10. Iowa City, Iowa

9. Durham, N.C.

8. New York

7. Trenton, N.J.

6. Philadelphia

Unfortunately, Texas did not make the list. You can see the top 5 Best cities for singles here: http://yhoo.it/IgRIdE