Candy 95 wins Crystal Radio Award for Public Service in Las Vegas

That’s a picture of my boss and owner of Bryan Broadcasting Mr. Hicks that I was just texted. What he’s holding is something that honestly I never expected to see…A Crystal Radio Award awarded to CANDY 95.

In radio there are all types of awards, some for DJ’s, some for the people that choose the music, some for people that work with the artists. The Crystals are awarded to the stations that did the most to give back to their community in the previous year in terms of service. Each station is judged by a committee of the biggest names in the industry and just getting a nomination is a gigantic honor. WTAW and Candy 95 have been nominated for the past three years and that’s about as far as I expected to ever go.

But now Candy’s won one. I’m so beyond honored to be a part of a Crystal Award winning station because it’s honestly the only award I ever cared about winning. It’s nice to hear you have a fun show or a great station but being told that you were one of the best in terms of giving back to your community is bigger than all of that. It’s kind of silly in a way because for everything we’ve ever been awarded/praised for it’s really all of you that get the credit.

You are the ones that donated to Children’s Miracle Network to buy medical equipment for premies. You’re the ones that filled three trailers full of basic supplies to send to the residents of Joplin just days after tornados almost wiped their city off the map. You’re the ones that make Christmas happen every year for children here in B/CS with Christmas Angels. You’re the ones that raised thousands of dollars for the care of homeless cats when the Brazos Animal Shelter was overwhelmed.

Everything we’ve ever asked for has been provided by you all. I’ll thank the National Association of Broadcasters (because they make the trophies) but who I really want to thank is each and every one of you. It’s always been obvious that you care…and now EVERYONE knows it :)

Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!