Katy Perry’s New Video: MARINE PROPAGANDA?

In today’s ridiculous celebrity news, a feminist writer named Naomi Wolf has called for a boycott of Katy Perry’s music video for “Part of Me.”

She claims Katy Perry must have been paid off by the Marines as the images of the singer dressed as a soldier ‘glorify violence’ and war. While KP says the video is a celebration of female empowerment and an “affirmation of strenghth,” Miss Wolf doesn’t see it that way.

She’s labelled the video a total piece of propaganda for the Marines.’

‘I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it,’ the activist wrote on her Facebook page.

Ironically, Naomi fails to realize that her anti-military sentiments make her quie the hypocrite. Our men and women in uniform fight to defend the freedoms she exercises regularly – speech and protest.

Perhaps she’d be more comfortable if it were a video of Katy Perry in the kitchen making a sandwich.

What do you make of this boycott?

Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it.