Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #8

Episode 8: “Just Annihilate Them”

Episode eight was a swing episode for this season of Survivor.  Lines were drawn, enemies were made, and a lot of jury votes were probably lost.  Finding a medium for when to be aggressive and not to is a big topic of discussion for today.

Divisions Within Your Unit

I always say my strategy to win Survivor is to be in the middle of a three way alliance.  You want one person who appears to be more of a threat above you calling shots, and a loafer below you who doesn’t do much.  Eventually you can run the game.  However the game consists of making good moves within the 18 castaways you work with.  Troyzan, Michael, and Jay appeared to be a powerful trio.  Match them with the Salani girls and they had an all star lineup to go to the end.  The problem with this thinking is that Kim and Sabrina are very heady players.  The guys voted out another guy, giving the Salani girls numbers in two places.  Kim now appears to be the ring leader of this show.

The reward challenge was a fun slip n’ slide puzzle challenge.  The team of Leif, Michael, Christina, Kim, and Sabrina won a food reward.  Back at camp Troyzan and Jay seemed to be convinced it was Christina going home.  But any Survivor guru would tell you that’s a wasted vote.  Right after the merge is a PERFECT time to eliminate threatening players.  Luckily for Jay he won immunity sparing him any talk of being voted out.

Kim and her posse of females decided it was a good time to make their move in the game.  With Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kat closely following her side they have power.  Kim orchestrated a move to eliminate Michael.  By doing this she wanted to get Jay and Troyzan on her side by saying Michael is trying to get Troyzan out.  Troyzan went for the oldest trick in the book and believe her.  Why he would believe any power player like her is beyond me?  With eleven people, it went two votes Tarzan, two votes Christina, and seven votes to Michael.  Troyzan and Jay both decided to jump ship on the cause.  The two have shown they are afraid to make a move, and are willing to settle.

Risky Plays

Kim has been able to play multiple people, claim an immunity idol, and just about solidify herself a place at the end.  However with all the numbers on her side, people know who calls the shots.  Kim’s chances of winning this game will be minimal.  I could already say that she does not have Jonas’s or Michael’s vote.  I would also bet she won’t have Troyzan’s or Jay’s if the time comes.  By Kim calling all the shots she allows Sabrina to continue to be my pick to win this game.  Regardless Kim still orchestrated a hit on a strong male, and has a lot of people backing her.  There is only one prayer the guys may have right now.  Troyzan’s hidden immunity idol could be played to their benefit.  if Troyzan can figure out which guy is going home next he can give the idol to them.  Jay and Troyzan have to act like they are on board (if it’s not one of them).  They then rally all the guys together to use the idol as a team and eliminate Kim.  Troyzan and Jay have a decent shot to do damage in this game if they are willing to take risks.  They haven’t done so, so far and their time is running out.  It’s now or never guys!  As for Leif and Tarzan?  They are just pawns.  I’ll reluctantly give Kim player of the week this week.  She did a good job of rallying her troops, but she has made it obvious who’s running the game.  One of the girls may waiver soon, with Alicia and Kat being wild cards.  I hope to see some immunity idols played this coming week!  Till next time.

Player Of The Week:  Kimberly Spradlin

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 2 Wins

2.  Sabrina – 1 Win

2.  Christina – 1 Win

2.  Troyzan – 1 Win

2.  Michael (Eliminated) – 1 Win

2.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win