One Direction Fans Are The Worst.

Any woman willing to date a celeb, must be prepared to take a bit of flack from jealous fans. Right Selena?

Well, this has been taken to the EXTREME extreme in the case of Harry Styles from One Direction.

American model Emma Ostilly was so upset by online abuse following her hot date with Harry Styles over the weekend, she has shut down her Twitter account.

After the photos of their amorous behaviour were published, Twitter was flooded with messages from jealous fans, with some claiming Emma was ‘cheating on her boyfriend’ with Harry.


Some fans even started Facebook groups called ‘Anti Emma Ostilly’ and ‘I hate Emma Ostilly’.

No. Seriously.

However, Emma responded quickly to the abuse and shut down her Twitter account on Sunday.

Now riddle me this One Direction fans, if you love Harry so much, why not let him love who he wants and be happy?

And besides, Niall and Liam are way hotter.. expect Niall kinda looks like Ellen.