Oprah Winfrey will be dead within 2 years… according to experts

[from celebdirtylaundry.com]

Oprah Winfrey will be dead within 2 years according to medical experts. Dr. David Demko and Dr. Patrick Wanis both claim that if Oprah doesn’t drastically change her ways she is headed for an early death. At 280 pounds Oprah is battling severe obesity and along with her overactive thyroid, high blood pressure and the stress of dealing with her failing OWN Network, the Queen of Talk is a walking time bomb.

Oprah has been dealing with these problems for decades. Dr. Demko is a Florida Atlantic University professor and creator of the ‘Death Calculator’ which predicts lifespan. He predicts Oprah is almost certainly going to die by age 60… and that gives the 58 year-old just 2 more years.

According to The Examiner, print edition April 9th, Dr. Demko warns: “Oprah can expect to live only to age 60 based on her current genetic and lifestyle risk factors,” says Dr. Demko.

Dr. Wanis adds: “Unless Oprah makes wholesale lifestyle changes in her diet and stress management. The prediction may come true – she may only have two years left.”

Oprah’s lifelong struggle with obesity poses the biggest health threat, sat experts, because it increases her risk of cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, and kidney problems, all of which could shorten her lifespan.


Oprah’s Health has been like a rollercoaster (not a fun one either). All the diets, body shapes and sizes and her taking on her OWN downward spiral of a television network. All that combined, I could definitely see what these doctors are saying. Stress and weight will only let your mind and body go so far!