VIDEO: Eden Wood is Rude to Wendy Williams

Little Eden Wood, now 7, was the breakout star of TLC’s sobering look into the world of child pageantry, Toddlers & Tiaras. Her parents have spent over $150k, and taken out a second mortgage on their home, all to make Eden a star.

Eden is getting a spinoff show on Logo called Eden’s World. The premise is that she and her mother will be mentoring other would-be child beauty queens. As part of that she did a promotional appearance on The Wendy Williams show.

Now, we have a little debate going on in the studio. Jeremy thinks this little girl is no better than an underage prostitute, and it’s disgusting that any parent would be a willing participant in this kid’s downfall.. and she’s gonna turn out no better than Linsday Lohan..

But I love this kid. Sure she’s rude and obnoxious, but what kid isn’t? She’s only 7 for crying out loud. Yeah sure, I get the complaints about painting her up like a doll then parading her around like a show dog forcing her to do tricks her tiny mind can’t even comprehend, but I think she really does have some legit talent.

What do you think of Eden?!