#1 Dating Frustration for Men?

If you’ve been out of the dating world for a while, you really only need to know one thing- NO ONE TALKS ON THE PHONE ANYMORE. Entire relationships are formed, developed, nurtured, and sometimes ended, through texting.

And crafting genius texts can be tough, especially in the early part of the relationship, where one wrong word or unsexy emoticon can derail everything!

–In a new survey by “TSB Magazine”, single men said that not knowing what to say in texts is actually THE most frustrating aspect of dating right now. In fact, they have full posts about how to text women to ellicit a response!

Who knew guys got as stressed (if not more) as women about this! There’s even more on this site about it!

Here’s the full list of guy dating frustrations:

#1.) Not knowing what to say in texts.

#2.) Bad or boring conversation on dates.

#3.) Awkwardness trying to go for the first kiss.

#4.) Approaching women in the first place.

#5.) Having women see you as a friend, not a love interest.

#6.) Hitting it off with a woman but then finding out she’s interested in someone else.

Do you agree guys?