A nine-year-old’s only dying wish: Trend on Twitter!

Rather than a trip to Disneyland or meeting a famous person, nine-year-old Ryan Kennedy, of Clarkston, Michigan, has battled brain cancer for five years and all he wants as his dying wish is for people to tweet about him so his name will live on past his life.

Ryan endured seven surgeries, four rounds of chemotherapy and two courses of radiation, reported the News Herald, and he’s had enough.

He has almost died twice in the past week, revealed his mother, Kimberly Morris-Karp, and doctors have put his chance of recovery at zero

Ryan has decided to stop treatment for the cancerous tumors. Brain Cancer has affected his life since 2007 and now with only 26 days until his 10th birthday, his wish is very simple… to be a trending topic on Twitter.

We here at Candy 95 will be tweeting #RyanKennedy to show our support and love for this young man’s courage.


Follow Ryan on twitter: #RyanKennedy

SOURCE: Radaronline.com