Everything You Need To Know To Watch “The Plaza” Come Down

First off, it happens EARLY. The demolition is scheduled for aprox. 6:30AM. This means if you want to watch plan on getting there EARLY. There is a designated viewing area (more on that later).

Second, there are road closures associated and more. Here’s the latest map that covers all the closures and also defines the viewing area. (Click the image for a full size version)

Here’s a statement from the people in charge when it comes to the demolition:

“The only viewing area for the implosion is adjacent to the Bonfire Memorial to the south of the Plaza Hotel, near the eastern end of the Polo Field. The public is strongly discouraged from viewing the implosion from other areas for reasons of crowd control and public safety. Please encourage safe viewing of the implosion from designated areas found on the road closures map on www.plazaimplosion.com”

If you’re going to attend:

1) Take lots of pictures
2) Take video and upload it to YouTube
3) EMAIL THE LINKS/PICS TO US (frito@candy95.com) and we’ll share them with everyone!!

Have fun everyone!