Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #12

Episode 12: “It’s Gonna Be Chaos”

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty on Survivor One World.  With a group of six girls betrayal and deceit is sure to come.

Public Relations

I feel like if we ever got a public relations rep on Survivor they may have an interesting strategy.  A lot of this game is about deflecting attention and keeping people happy.  The best I’ve ever seen at this is Sandra, who won the game twice.  She went from week to week, putting herself in a winning position at all times.  You wouldn’t vote her out, because she wasn’t the lead dog in your mind.  Sabrina and Kat jump out to me as people that have to play this game.  They’ve been able to use Kim and ride themselves to a winning position.

The reward challenge was the annual family member challenge.  The castaways were teamed up with their loved one’s in an effort for a food reward.  Kat and her cousin miraculously won the reward.  This was a big moment for Kat to make a public relations move.  Tarzan has been overly emotional in missing his wife.  Christina’s father has limited time to live.  They were the slam dunk people to choose, to win good spirits in the tribe.  What does she do?  Picks Kim (who didn’t pick her in the last challenge) and Alicia.  Kat is a complete idiot.  Her lack of understanding for the game of Survivor is sickening, and her cult following of Kim is alarming.  I really don’t understand why Kat was picked for this show.  She had a chance to win jury votes, win respect, and make deals with other players than Kim.  Instead she wanted to take her friends on a reward.  If you aren’t playing the game 110% of the time you are on that island, you don’t deserve a million dollars.

A Way With Words

At the immunity challenge Kat showed her physical strength once again.  It was an endurance challenge on water.  It came down to Kim and Kat, with Kim prevailing on immunity yet again.  Kat came down in tears whining that Kim won’t let her win one.  Does Kim need to hold Kat’s hand too?  What does she not understand.  THIS IS A GAME FOR A MILLION DOLLARS.  Why is somebody supposed to, “let you win?”  With Sabrina and Chelsea furious at Kat’s decision on the reward challenge, the votes were coming for Kat.  Kim’s original idea was to vote out Sabrina however.  With Sabrina being such a strong speaker, for good reason.  With Kat’s recent surge in challenges Alicia deemed Kat as a physical threat.  With these three girls plotting against Kat, Kim joined them to stun Kat and vote her out.  The first of the core girl alliance was eliminated.  It’s interesting that Kat exited before the lowly Christina.

I now want to talk about Sabrina.  She was the first out at the immunity challenge, and I don’t buy it.  Sabrina to me has been laying back at challenges.  She has gone off everyone’s radar, except Kim’s.   Sabrina used clever wording to throw Kat under the bus.  Did she really want to get rid of Kat?  Or was it just that Sabrina used her poor decision as a good excuse?  Also while at tribal council Sabrina put fear into her fellow castaways by stating she would not vote a liar to win the game, even if they deserved it.  Sabrina is smarter than what the show credits her for.  She will beat anyone in a landslide at jury votes.  It is now time for her to step it up in immunity challenges and I think she will.

Kat was awfully devastated by Kim turning on her at the end of the show.  Kim’s chances to win this game continue to decrease, even though she has played the best.  Again this game is a lot about public relations.  Right now Sabrina is the best bet.

Player Of The Week:  Sabrina Thompson

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 4 Wins

2.  Sabrina – 2 Wins

2.  Troyzan (Eliminated) – 2 Wins

3.  Christina – 1 Win

3.  Michael (Eliminated) – 1 Win

3.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win