Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #13

Episode 13: “It’s Human Nature”

In the last hour long episode of Survivor we didn’t discover much.  I felt as if the power players (if you call them that) in this game failed to take advantage of another opportunity.

Qualifications For This Game?

I’m really starting to scratch my head this season, wondering how certain people got chosen for this game?  I hate to bash the casting team constantly, but they really missed here.  Chelsea, Tarzan, and Christina have absolutely nothing to offer this game.  Yet they weaseled their way into the top six.  I’m not going to say they DON’T deserve to be this far.  I’m a believer if you’ve made it this far, you deserve to be this far.  They are just not good television, and won’t win this game.

Tarzan decided he wanted to play a strategical game for the first time this season.  He started trying to float final three ideas into Kim’s and Alicia’s head.  His idea?  “Take me to the final three, I won’t win the game.”  Boy Tarzan, HAVEN’T HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE!  Come on, do you think people buy that nonsense?  The game of Survivor evolves as do the top players.  If you start spouting classic shady lines, people will not believe you.  Well at least they shouldn’t!

At the reward challenge Chelsea won.  Yet again she had a tough decision to make.  She promised that she’d take Christina on the reward.  Instead she took her buddies Sabrina and Kim.  Nice Chelsea, nobody knows who you want to go to the end of the game with now.  Christina was highly upset as you can imagine, and I highly suspect Chelsea lost a jury vote.  But then again Christina is so much of an idiot at this game that she makes Chelsea look like a mastermind.

Final Five Dynamics

Alicia came through with a stunning victory in the immunity challenge.  After being victorious they pondered two ideas.  The first was to have Christina, Tarzan, and Alicia place votes towards Chelsea, based on her selfish reward picks.  That MAKES SENSE.  It would force a three to three tie, and a revote would occur.  There is absolutely no way Kim would have put her fate on the rocks as a second tiebreaker.  Therefore she would have flipped her vote to Chelsea.  After that Alicia would become the strongest player in this game.  However Alicia just talks the talk.  She hasn’t walked the walk once in this game.  She followed the leader and voted out Tarzan.  Now Alicia is at the bottom of the numbers and deserves to be voted out next.  You have to play to win this game… I cannot stress it enough.

With the five girls lleft I still think this is a two person game.  Kim continues to manipulate every player into thinking they will go to the end with her.  She even got Alicia to vote off her own pawn this past week.  It will be hard to vote Kim out, since everyone needs to ride coattails.  I’m all about staying under the radar.  However at this point of the game, those who make courageous moves win the game.  The nemesis for Kim is Sabrina.  Sabrina hasn’t angered many people.  She is viewed as leader and has great speaking abilities.

I don’t think anyone can argue Kim is the deserving winner of Survivor One World.  However she has orchestrated every vote, of every person on the jury.  Being seen as THAT person, can be really hurtful in jury votes.  Did Kim have a choice?  That’s debateable.  I think she could have made Chelsea a fall person and throw her under the bus maybe to save grace.  Maybe she could have kept Tarzan or Leif around, to not anger all the guys?  It’s hard to say.

My prediction remains the same as it has been for weeks.  Sabrina wins this game six votes to three.  Finale Sunday! =)

Player Of The Week:  Kimberly Spradlin

Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 5 Wins

2.  Sabrina – 2 Wins

2.  Troyzan (Eliminated) – 2 Wins

3.  Christina – 1 Win

3.  Michael (Eliminated) – 1 Win

3.  Matt (Eliminated) – 1 Win