Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #14 (Finale)

Episode 14: “Perception Is Not Always Reality”

The finale of Survivor One World was about as bland as they come.  Maybe it was because I wanted to see something happen that never did.  Regardless nobody can argue that the wrong player won this season.

Survivor History

For the first time in Survivor history the final five was comprised of all women.  You could argue that only one-two of them deserved to be there.  Kim had done a masterful job of getting every remaining castaway wrapped around her finger.  Not one person in the world would argue she doesn’t deserve to win this game.  However in this age of bitter Survivor juries I figured Sabrina could give her a legitimate run.  At the first immunity challenge everybody appeared to be in it.  Even Christina put up a fight for once.  At the end Kim once again proved to be the boss of this game claiming immunity.  With a big vote at hand, it appeared to either be Alicia or Chelsea going home.  This is a point of the game where whoever you vote off you want to know will still vote for you in the finals.  I think Kim made the right choice here by targeting Alicia.  Chelsea, though well liked, had no chance of winning this game.  The tandem of Sabrina, Chelsea, and Kim stayed true to their power alliance and voted off Alicia.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Kim’s early strategical play gave her a foundation for an end game.  However it could all go for not if she did not win immunity.  In the final four now, her immunity idol could not be played.  This could be the ONLY opportunity the other ladies had to get rid of Kim.  However it was just simply too late.  Not one of them were capable of stopping Kim in challenges.  Not one of them may have even wanted to stop Kim most of this game.  They wanted to let her do the work and win at the end.  I can understand this play, ask Natalie of Survivor Samoa.  However I’m not sure if any of them had a legitimate plan.  Sabrina was the best bet, but boy did she prove me wrong.  In the final challenge Kim once again prevailed, just edging Christina.  I felt like at this moment Kim HAD to orchestrate a vote on Sabrina.  However she wanted to stay true to her friends and voted off the worthless Christina.  Kim versus Christina/Chelsea would have been a 9-0 sweep in my opinion.  Kim made her long term moves early, the others followed.  You can still win this game that way, but you have to find a way to break the trends.

Getting It Right

In recent Survivor history strategies have changed.  It has become that you don’t have to play the best overall game to win.  But you have to play the best day to day survival game to win.  It is all about social skills and keeping people on your side.  I have been preaching all season that Kim would have trouble winning this game based on her game play.  I felt as if Sabrina could thwart Kim and throw her under the bus at tribal.  Sabrina could come on with powerful words and really sway a jury.  Instead it almost seemed as if it was a love affair for Kim.  Sabrina made her opening statement saying she is living in a poor area and needs money.  Uh, WHAT?  That is a sure fire way to get absolutely no votes!  She completely blew any marginal chance she had right there!  The jury’s final statements were awfully dull, and all the drama was sucked up.  It was a straight forward Kim victory 7-2, in Survivor One World.

Don’t get me wrong I am happy Kim won, and deserved it very much.  She played the best strategical game and physical game.  She won four individual immunities.  She made it to the end as a power player, while never even being threatened.  Everybody in the jury thought she was on their side.  It was actually really fascinating watching this girl operate.  I just didn’t think they would let her win.  Her social game had a few flaws and I swore it would bite her back.  Thanks for proving me wrong Kim!  I’m really proud that this jury got it right.

Final Thoughts On The Season

Kim goes down as an all-star caliber player.  I would like to see her brought back to play with more stiff competition.  She won this season fair and square, but against lesser opponents.  We have seen far more difficult seasons of Survivor to win.  I’d love to see how Kim would operate against more devious girls such as Parvati.  Moving onto next season, we can only hope for better.  I love that Survivor brought back the old feel from years past.  I believe the game format is on the right track.  I love that we could be going back to the old days of say five to six years ago.  The lacking part of this season and maybe even last, are the waste characters.  Waste castaways are pawns needed for any contestant to win.  However I feel like they have been flooding the game, and the final five.  It has almost become a strategy to be a waste player just to hang around to the end.  I beg CBS casting agents to do there best to find Survivor diehards only to play.  They may not look as good, speak as well, or be as athletic.  However I guarantee you they will do whatever it takes to win.  We saw that fire in Troyzan and Kim.  However did we see it in anyone else?

Survivor Philippines is coming this fall, and as always I can’t wait.  Till next time Survivor fans!

Player Of The Season:  Kimberly Spradlin

Final Player Of The Week Standings:

1.  Kim – 6 Wins

2.  Sabrina – 2 Wins

2.  Troyzan  – 2 Wins

3.  Christina – 1 Win

3.  Michael  – 1 Win

3.  Matt  – 1 Win