Professor Horror Stories

The beginning of May marks the end of another college semester- a time when students frantically cram for exams and professors enter into possibly the biggest power trip of their careers.

Now I’m not ragging on professors.. in fact, when I went to A&M, I had one of the COOLEST professors ever. (Poli sci kids, I’m talking about Cary Nederman)

I just don’t see a problem with emailing your professors toward the end of the semester because you care about your grade, especially when you’re told there’s going to be another extra credit assignment and you’re .12 points from an A.

Why do they even assign those point grades? Why not just say 89?!

This is the scenario that a listener emailed me about. She says she has an 89.3 and when she emailed her prof about something she mentioned in class regarding a last minute point opportunity, she received this little gem:


I mentioned in class that I hate and detest last minute begging and it makes me very sad to have curved the final exam by 12 points since I felt you deserved one more chance for extra points. I’m sorry but you had five months to earn the grade you received. To grant you extra credit is immoral, unethical, and illegal. (Federal laws)

I’d be happy to take that away, which I still can do, and it would lower your grade significantly. In fact, grades are not finalized yet, and I still maybe just have to remove the curve.


*The names in this email have been slightly (and hilariously) altered to protect the individuals involved*

Now that’s just too much. I get that profs are inundated by these messages at the end of the semester, but it’s not begging if you have a valid question. And I would like to point out, if the curve was taken away, *Melissa would still have a B.. she just wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing out on something that could earn her that extra .12.

So her response?

“So… is that a no?”

HAHA priceless!

In honor of this brave individual, I want to hear your professor horror stories. Time to take a break from studying and rant and rave now that the semester is almost over!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever encountered in a class?

Here’s mine:

I was working in Houston, taking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had to miss a class where a major assignment was handed out, but I told the prof in advance I couldn’t make it, and set up an appointment with him (at his convenience) to get it. After working on this bad boy for 2 weeks, I went in for our mandatory final rough draft meeting, and he told me I had done everything wrong.

Turns out.. he’d given me the wrong assignment. And instead of grading me on the one he gave me, he let me have a full two days to complete the “right one.”

Yeah, between studying for finals and a full time job in another city, want to take a guess at how many @*!&s I gave on that? I think he ended up being pretty nice in the grading, but that experience haunts me.

So instead of ripping your profs online like I did, just tell me your stories here!

Happy Finals!