Samantha Brick IS BACK.

You might remember her as the most beautiful, intelligent, and stunning woman in the world, who recently wrote an article for the Daily Mail about how her looks have given her nothing but grief her entire life.

Well now, she’s back with a piece that will surely bring you to tears, whether from the laughter it’s sure to induce or just the sad fact that she profits from such delusional drivel.

The article can pretty much be summed up by the title: Independence? A Career? Who Needs Them! A Husband Who Prizes Your Looks, Not Your Mind is the Key to a Happy Marriage. Yeah, really.

Basically she ended up with a balding and controlling b@#$@&*, but if that’s the kind of marriage she wants, then good for her!

What’s irritating is that she seems to deride women who make different choices. Like those of us who want to be career women or mothers, or, you know, any sane woman who wouldn’t want to be weighed-in by their husband every day.