Should I Dump This A$$hole?

Since I brought this up last Tuesday, I’ve been flooded with messages (mostly from girls) trying to describe to me the problems in their relationships, wanting to know if he’s worth sticking around for.

Here’s one from listener “Mandy.” She goes on to say in the email that her parents tell her she should cut and run, and the majority of her friends don’t like this guy.

Honestly, this one’s tough for me because I have never been married.. but she’s asking yall for help.

Should she dump this a$$hole?


I’m 29 and have been living with this great guy for three years. We are in love, he’s great to me, and we get along perfectly. He has no problems committing to me, he just DOESN’T want to GET MARRIED. At all. He’s a few years older than me and the problem is he married young and inevitably, divorced young. He says he doesn’t want to ruin a good thing.

It’s crazy to break up with him just because he doesn’t want to settle down… right?

We are sharing our lives together and are very happy. He’s even told me on numerous occasions he’s open to having kids. He just doesn’t want marriage.

In this case, I don’t think I should dump him, maybe I should just dump the idea of getting married?

What do you think?! Should I dump this a$$hole?

WOAH! Okay so I’m not married, or a relationship expert by any means, and this might be controversial, but YES!

If he really loves you, no matter how traumatic a divorce, the person you plan on spending your life AND HAVING KIDS WITH should at least be open enough to getting over his fear of marriage if it’s important to YOU.

But maybe you’re not that into marriage either? If that’s the case, don’t break up with him and just enjoy your lives together. That part is up to you.

What do YOU think?



Sample of the texts from 23504

Tell her to read “he is just not that into you” dump him

Yes she should dump that jerk

Yes. If he doesnt have a problem with commitment than marriage should not be a problem.

Dump him. If they’re living together, he should commit to marriage. I wouldn’t have kids with someone I wasn’t married to – it’s to easy for him to walk out

If he has no commitment issues then he shouldn’t have a problem marrying you! It sounds like he doesn’t wanna marry you but says the next best thing to keep you around! Dump his ass….it isn’t worth it cuz you’ll never be satisfied with the way things are n he’s not willing to give more!

No she shouldn’t and yes Katy ur off base and why call him a jerk some single ladies would die for just one relationship she should be happy he’s committed to her and even talking about kids some folks are blessed with out even knowing it… So no she shouldn’t dump him that’s just dumb.. He will be ready when he’s ready.

don’t think she should dump him. As long as he’s true and good to her that’s all you need. I myself am not allowed to be married (im lesbian and haverbeen in a commuted relationship for 5 years.) and as a girl this is something you grow up dreaming of. But if he’s important enough to you, marriage is just a piece of paper. Now no matter what the reason as long as your heart belongs to him that’s all that matters

I think it is romantic to wake up every morning choosing to go to bed with that same person every night. You don’t need a piece of paper for that. Shared health care and taxes are issues that have to be delt with.

it doesn’t matter, you found a good guy, stop being a bitch about it, and stop looking for something to complain about, maybe he should dump you.

I am a guy and if he does not want ti marry her then yes and she need to find someone that love her and that will

Seems too me HE SHOULD RUN!!! He’s giving her what some other guys won’t and she’s making a big deal about it

Get out. After three years he’s not interested if he hasn’t put a ring on her finger. He’s in love with the idea of her. If he really wanted her he would be interested in her heart. A real man would fight for her. It sounds like hes the kind of guy that never is without a girlfriend… its his method of feeling validated. Ask him what he wants in life and see if he has an answer. If he doesn’t he has no idea who he is and needs to figure that out first.
*from a guy. sorry ladies, he’s taken..