Solar Eclipse!

If you’re an astronomy nerd like me, you’ve no doubt heard there’s going to be a partial solar eclipse visible from College Station this weekend. What you may not know is this will be your only opportunity to see a solar eclipse from your back yard for the next five years. The next solar eclipse that’ll be visible in all of North America won’t be until August 2017. So the time is NOW to see something truly amazing! Here’s some tips to increase your eclipse-viewing pleasure!

  • NO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! Even though part of the sun will be blocked by the moon, IT IS STILL DANGEROUS TO LOOK.
  • The safest way to view the eclipse is indirectly, and here’s how you can do it. Poke a small hole in a piece of paper and hold that paper up so the sunlight shines through it onto another piece of paper. The shadow you’ll see should show you the eclipse!
  • If you’re so inclined to look with your own eyes, YOUR SUNGLASSES WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. Use schedule 14 welding glass or welding goggles to look with your own eyes. Don’t try squinting, either. That’ll only make it worse.
  • The best time to view the eclipse will happen right around sunset. I’m setting my lawn chair up at 7:30. I suggest you do the same. The weather should be beautiful, too.
  • For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT VIEW THE ECLIPSE WITH BINOCULARS. You will go blind and die a horrible death.