VIDEO WARS: Chris Brown Rips Off Pink

Jeremy was filling me in on the latest from last nights BMAs because as a general rule, I want my weekends free from Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

But apparently, Carey Hart got a little peeved last night when a certain performer seemed to have ripped off wifey Pink. WELL, turns out Katy Perry fans, though that too was a deja vu moment for Hart, he was talking about CB’s gig:

From his twitter:

I love twitter! To clarify i was talkin trash bout CB performance, 2 years ago my wife had the same set and actually sang “Raise ur Glass”

Looks like someone else’s fans got a bit wound up! Funny, that performance looked real familiar to.

And then, Pink got into the Brown bashing too by hating on his awful lip syncing (watch below, it really is terrible)

one day if i lipsync, i hope i do it as well as him….

for the record; i luv me some Katy, so y’all can jump off that run away train, k? i stand behind, always have and always will, LIVE SINGING

NOW EVERYBODY GO HUG SOMEONE! i just did. :) have a fantastic day

Basically Pink is awesome.

Now check out these videos. CB totally stole her set design, ran to Kinko’s to make a quick copy, then blew it up all over the stage re-packaged as “Turn up the Music.”

Whatchu think?!

Last night.