Yo, Should I Dump That A$$hole?

Cruising the web this morning, I found this little gem of a tumblr.

Geniusly titled “Yo, Should I Dump This A$$hole?” the site tells you, in no uncertain terms, how to deal with hypothetical girlfriends, well sexing boyfriends, and any other a$$hole partners you might encounter.

C-Check it out here.

Be warned, it’s language is mildly NSFW and the author gets a little too political for my taste, but that being said, the concept is HIGHlarious!

Do you have a story of your own? Let me know about it and we’ll put it to the audience to tell you whether or not dating this person is worth it.

Should you dump that a$$hole? Let’s find out!



UPDATE: Here’s today’s story:

Yo, the guy I’ve been dating hates my family.. I mean HATES them and for no reason. I’m really close with them so it’s awkward to bring him around. He’s especially snarky to my younger sister. It’s confusing because hes really sweet to me and a great boyfriend. What should I do? Should I dump the a$$hole?


Texts from 23504:


Are you in that type of relationship and if so, when will you free yourself up?

Yes family is family!

Family first!! Kick his butt to the curb.

Dump him! So not worth it… family is much more important!

Yes and give her my name and number. it’s nick. lol.

She should talk with him and tell him what she feels n that he should change the way he treats her family, tell him that her family is important to her. Give him a chance to see if he changes, if he refuses, he’s not the one

DUMP HIM! If he isn’t mature enough to respect your family regardless of personal opinion then he is an undercover a$$hole.

A good relationship should make you happy. Causing you to isolate yourself or have strained relationships with your family doesn’t fit that bill.

I’ve been there, done that. Almost married a guy but my parents didn’t agree so we cut it off! And surprisingly he respected that which was nice lol

F$^# yes! DUMP HIM. Would she let just anyone off the street be that way to her sister? More than likely your going to break up anyway. Most relationships end.


What do YOU think?