Adele is KNOCKED UP!

And I’m not talking ghost baby knocked up like Beyonce. Adele is fo shiz up the spout.

From Adele’s blog:

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about baby daddy.. it’s non other than Simon Konecki, that semi shady guy she got loved up with while recovering from her throat surgery last year.

Yes, the guy who’s 14 years her senior and who might/might not be married.

There’s some evidence to suggest that he’s married but estranged from his wife, although it’s unclear whether he’s really divorced or what’s going on. Adele claimed on her blog a few months ago that Simon is totally divorced, but I don’t buy it. The UK tabloids would have been able to find some documentation on that, right?

While this is super happy news for the couple.. this is terrible news for us Adele fans. Remember all those rumors about her waiting YEARS to put out a new album? Count on that now my friends. She’s going to take a nice long break to focus on her new baby.