Madonna: Rampant Narcissist?!

That’s a fact. Don’t ask me why I included a question mark. Maybe it just seemed more enticing that way?

Anyways, not sure how this is news, but APPARENTLY it’s everywhere.

So, I caved. Here’s the story.


She sort of gives me the icks now.


Madonna seems to get more outrageous every year, and now well into her fifties, she’s as far from being Like A Virgin as can be!

This week, fans have seen more of the Material Girl than they bargained for after she first flashed her nipple to the audience during a concert in Istanbul, Turkey, then followed it up by showing off her G-string clad butt in fishnets to concert-goers in Rome on Tuesday night.

Now, can exclusively reveal that the 53-year-old Vogue singer’s almost stripper-like attitude lends a disturbing insight to her emotional well-being and die-hard desire to stay in the spotlight.

“Madonna’s recent skin-showing antics reflect the desperate attempt to stay relevant and in the news,” Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Seth Meyers, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

“These behaviors are a sad defense against aging and her attempt to hold onto her previous sex symbol image,” he revealed. “That she engages in such behavior with her children in the vicinity indicates ignorance and rampant narcissism.”

The raunchy pop star’s nipple-popping performance in conservative Istanbul caused a slew of backlash online, with one commentator asking, “Why is Madonna still showing off her t*ts? No, it’s not sexy to see a woman who could be my grandma whipping her nipple around.”

CNN’s Piers Morgan even weighed in on Twitter: “Most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, desperate moment in the history of music?”

From Radar


this is pretty sad.. but are you still a fan?