Should I Dump This A$$hole?

Here’s a funny thought, as much as I pretend to hate Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend,” he’s really onto something there. I mean look up the lyrics – “I just want to love and treat you right?” “If you were on my arm girl, you’d never be alone?” “Spend a week with me girl, I’ll be calling you my girlfriend?”

That’s exactly what women want! Who knew the Biebs was so spot on about relationships?!

On that note, I’m really loving this little segment, because it seems like I’ve dated every kind of a$$hole there is.

And so with the help of a funny tumblr I found and a few listener emails, “Should I Dump This A$$hole?” was created. You email me your relationship problem and after offering what little advice I can with my given life experience, I then pose it to a completely unbiased listener audience for their take.

It’s like free therapy, and you can stop bugging all your friends about the relationship that no matter how much you try and justify, just isn’t working.

Here’s an email from “Jen”


I met “Dave” five months ago out at a bar on northgate. I know people say not to pick someone up at a bar, but we really hit it off. Since then, we have been spending about 4 or 5 nights a week together. We go to stuff around town together. He’s constantly texting me and calling me, he’s not a flake. I enjoy the way things are going and felt no need to define our relationship… until the other day when he informed me that he isn’t ready for anything serious. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s boyfriend.

This is hard for me because I know he isn’t seeing anyone else. Honestly, with a full time job, how would he even have the time? Maybe he’s just scared of the term boyfriend? I don’t understand how he can seem so devoted to me… and so NOT at the same time.

Should I just be secure in the fact that he’s spending time with me, and that maybe his actions are speaking louder than his words here? Is there a chance that despite what he’s saying, I should stay with him? Or should I dump this a$$hole?


First of all, let me say I have been here many, many times. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always felt weird about “dtr-ing.” It just seems so strange to be in (what you think is) this great situation, and then have to throw it all off by having an uncomfortable conversation!

I’m sorry to have to tell you, you’re wasting your time in a fake relationship. You spend all this time together, yet he doesn’t have to commit to you. Pretty sweet deal for him, huh?

This sort of goes back to last week’s email, in that, if you want a serious relationship, this isn’t the guy for you. No amount of waiting around is going to make him realize that he’s ready.

A guy who is into you wants you all to himself. He wants people to know you are his. If that’s what you want, run away. Run far away.

I say dump this a$$hole.

Am I wrong? What do YOU think?


*Update* Texts from 23504

Me bestie has the EXACT same thing going on. I say DUMP HIM!!

Dump him! You are just a friend with benefits until he meets the one he wouldn’t mind showing off

Again dump him!!! Read the book”He is just not that into you”””:}

Yes she needs to and find someone that what to be with her

Your thinking to much like a girl. Get a guy in there to get a guys perspective

Kick him to the curb


She obviously doesn’t want to be alone so she should do the same thing as him. This will either get him to change his tune or she will find someone else.

Dump him!! I was seeing a guy and I thought he spent all his time with me but he had another girlfriend who

I say do wat u said or there is this tv show called cheaters get caught by this camera crew and let me tell u its lol. So contact those pepole

I wasn’t sure about the girl I’m with now in the beginning but now we’re happy like bumble bees and honey hot tub

There has to be a reason why he doesn’t want to be in a relationship she needs to find what the reason is and see if it can be resolved

For all you ladies out there dealing with a deadbeat guy you gotta remember there is always another guy waiting to say “spend a week with your boy and I’ll be calling you my girlfriend”

Coming from a guy: she needs to talk to him first

If a guy can’t commit to having a girlfriend then these ladies should move on. There are guys waiting to give them the world. My personal story is I asked my girlfriend to marry me a year and a half ago before I moved from Virginia to college station. She is still my fiance, we’re still committed to one another, and when she finishes school we will get married.

Don’t necessarily dump him yet. My current boyfriend didn’t want a label on our relationship until after we had been hanging out for 5 months because he had just gotten out of a relationship. We have been official for 7 months now and so happy!

Verdict? DUMP HIM!