Should I Dump This A$$hole?

Today’s should I dump this a$$hole email, seems very relatable for this town.

That sounded bad. Not that our town has a bunch of drunkards, but more like the bcs has northgate, which transforms guys into these seemingly great catches, when the sober reality of it is.. they are just a bunch of a$$holes.

So, this one comes from Sara..


My boyfriend likes to party – hard. Don’t get me wrong, he has a great job. He just likes to unwind after work. And honestly, it doesn’t bother me because he’s really affectionate and tells me such great and nice things that I don’t know if he would share otherwise. Is this really a problem?

Some people need alcohol to get up the courage to talk or share their feelings. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If he wants to drink a lot after work, I’m okay with that so long as he leaves the bar with me.

He’s so much fun to be around, and he has his @*#$ together. He doesn’t miss work… he’s just exciting.

My friends though think this is bad, so what do you think?

Should I dump this a$$hole?


Hmmmmm.. my initial thoughts here? If he really, really likes you and enjoys spending time with you, he’ll want to see you when his judgement isn’t cloudy or ortherwise impaired.

That goes for anything.. drinking, drugs.. after a certain age, yeah it’s totally cool to go out a few nights a week and regret having to wake up for work in the morning, but let’s be honest. How are his inebriated and probably sweaty proclamations of love making you feel all warm inside?

I don’t believe anything a guy tells me when he’s drunk. Don’t let desire for affection mar your judgement.

While it’s great your boyfriend is attentive and affectionate, know you deserve the same kind of guy.. only with a lower blood alcohol level.

I forsee people disagreeing with me on this one, but what do you think?

Should she dump this a$$hole?


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I have to say that the person dating this guy should be cautious. While her boyfriend’s use of alcohol isn’t a problem right now, over the course of time it will become a problem. I’ve seen it multiple times before although he may prove to be the one exception.

If he continues this lifestyle, it’ll lead to problems. DUMP HIM.

Yes she needs to if he needs to drink to say he loves her it is not true love

It’s a tough one but honestly that could lead to an alcoholic problem down the road. Maybe she should talk to him. If not dump him.

Dump him…he’s affectionate now while wasted..what about years from now how will he react after a few years of heavy drinking..domestic violence will somehow find a way into the relationship…advice get out while u can…

He has a real job? It’s not cute anymore. Dump that a-hole.

What’s wrong with a party? Sounds like she should lighten up.

My ex was like this.. we broke up because he thought I was boring.. when I really just couldn’t afford his drinking problem.

Any woman who enjoys dating a man who gets drunk daily because he calls her beautiful is obviously not mature enough to handle a real relationship. Kids these days..

Sounds like an alchy. Get out!

Verdict? DUMP HIM.