Should I Dump This A$$hole?

I’m starting to think that title is a little severe. But until I come up with something else, I’m rolling with it.

^ LOL. To clarify, I never pretended to be a relationship expert. Ever. All I offer you is an unbiased third party opinion, and then those of an active listening audience because sometimes, we want to pretend our mothers don’t always know best.

Since this deal has started, the majority of my emails have been from women plagued by every relationship problem known to female kind. And yet, today, when I happened to open my email, I had one from a guy named “Mark.”


I’m dating a really great woman named “Anne.” The only problem is she dated a super a$$hole before me who cheated on her multiple times, and she’s now programmed to think I eye every female in view. Sure, I occasionally look at other women, but it’s only casually and briefly. I would never, ever actually want to pursue them. I’m really happy with what we have, minus her insecurity.

It’s like she doesn’t trust me at all anymore, and her paranoia is really starting to aggrevate me. I’m not that guy! If she can’t understand that I am dating her, and ONLY her, it’s pointless right?

What else can I do to prove this? When the trust is gone, I say the relationship is over..

What do you think?

Should I dump her or is this something we can resolve?


Okay, this sounds familiar. Every girl has caught her guy looking at least once. And as much as I hate to say it, to me scoping out women seems hardwired into a male’s brain. While yes, that in itself can BECOME a problem, it’s a BIGGER one to EXPECT it to, thus assuming the worst in your partner.

I don’t think this is a dealbreaker, but you have to somehow find a way to make her feel more secure.

Try and show her she’s overreacting. Let’s be real, I’m sure she scopes out guys too. Ask her if she thinks a guy is cute. It’s natural to notice attractive people and by making it an innocent little game, maybe she’ll realize this basic human instinct isn’t a direct threat to her happiness.

I say no, but what do you think? Should he dump this a$$hole?