Audio: Testy Bieber Hangs Up On Radio Host

Justin Bieber got a little flustered during an average Friday interview.  Find out why!

The job of a radio host is to ask serious, funny, or hard hitting questions.  Famous radio host Mojo hit a string on Bieber that caused him to bail early.  Mojo was getting into Justin’s new friendship with One Direction and popped a question referencing Biebers mom.

“Do you worry about Harry when he’s around your mom? Because it seems like he likes older women.”  Mojo asked.

Bieber responded with this low blow, “You should worry about me and your mom, bro.”

Mojo’s mom is no longer alive and when he tells Justin, *CLICK* he hangs up.  This is beautifully awkward radio!  Check out the audio below.  Was Mojo, Bieber, or both out of line?

***The good stuff is about 6:30 into the interview***