Charlie Sheen is 100% on board to judge the next season of Idol!

“American Idol” executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, told TMZ that he would “LOVE” for Charlie Sheen to judge Season 12 — alongside elderly comic legend Jerry Lewis — should current judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson leave two or more vacancies.

“Nigel would not say if he was joking,” TMZ reported, “but he repeated his wish list several times during the conversation.”

Really, guys?

TMZ even elicited a response from Sheen to the “offer”: “If the numbers move the needle AND ‘Idol’ matches 20 percent of my weekly salary for Autism Speaks, JDRF, and the Boys and Girls Club … then the hell with it.” (Translation: Sure, if they pay me enough and support my charities.)

Sheen also said that FX — which airs his new sitcom, “Anger Management” — would have to approve. If so, Sheen concluded: “As we say, pour the smoke.” (Actually, only YOU say that, Charlie.)

Where to even begin on this one? First of all, why would a music show aimed at teenagers hire one guy known primarily to their parents and another to their grandparents — neither of whom possesses the slightest relation to the music business?

The real answer is that they wouldn’t, and that Lythgoe probably just wanted to generate some controversial headlines for himself. While appearing yesterday on “Showbiz Tonight,” he repeated his wacky wish list, but admitted, “I’m not sure how far I’ll get with that, but I think that would be fun!”

From MSN Entertainment

I would honestly watch just to see the disaster unfold!