Facebook Creeper Gone Too Far…

We need to make sure whoever it is we talk to on Facebook ISN’T Crazy! Unless, it’s that aunt we all have. Check out the email I got below. Ariel could definitely use some help!


A man named Barry added me on Facebook almost a year ago. I didn’t know him, he found me through a friend. He lives in Houston and I live in Bryan.  He sends me messages or wants to chat when I’m online. Sometimes I respond, sometimes I don’t. At first it seemed harmless and I didn’t think anything of it. He would give me a compliment or try to flirt. I would give it right back every now and again.   But now, it is becoming constant! 

It’s been two months since I quit communicating with Berry, yet the messages keep coming in. He now wants to marry me! He has turned into a MJOR CREEPER! I’m a little scared. What should I do?

Thanks Jeremy, Ariel