Though I don’t enjoy giving any attention to the “pro-ana” movement.. that is what the crazies over at Skinny Girl Gossip think about Kate Upton.

Here’s my favorite part of the article!

“Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look? Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!”

BONUS: I love her assesment of Southern gentlemen.

“Yes, yes, I know that every tobacco-chewing, beer-drinking, shotgun-toting, NASCAR-watching man south of the Mason-Dixon line would love to get into her pants (or, as they say down South, “into her tent”, which in her case is the same thing) – but most of those guys wouldn’t know a beautiful woman if she jumped out in front of his pickup truck.”

Sounds like someone is just jealous those guys above the Mason- Dixie want to WEAR her pants! LOLZ.

But seriously, I can’t get on board with this thinspo crap. THINSPIRATION should be inspirational… and since when does putting down other people fit that bill? You should want to be healthy at any weight, not pining after the protruding ribcages of highly photoshopped models.

What do you think of Kate Upton?!

.. I wish I was Kate Upton fat. ;)