My Daughter Wants To Change Her Name

Time after time, I look back at my childhood and think how parenting has to be one of the toughest things a person can go through! I get the rewarding aspect, I REALLY do! But I’m talking about dealing with teenager’s life issues. I have got to thank my mom and stepdad for not only raising me, but also going through that awkward transition with me in my life. Thanks to everyone who has upheld their position as a parent. It’s very important.

Check out the email I received from Diana who is dealing with something very difficult with her daughter.


I hear you read emails from listeners about relationships and families a lot on The Night Rush, so I thought I would run by the predicament I’m in with my daughter. Her father and I have been divorced for about 8 years. She, Kylie, lives with me and would see her father on a regular basis; weekends, dinners at his house, holidays, school events, etc. He hasn’t always been there for Kylie but she still needs to have some sort of relationship with him. Kylie is 17 now and she’s been having fights with her father. The arguments mostly consist of feeling mistreated by her father and step-mom and how they don’t involve her in their life. It’s nearly been 2 months since Kylie and her dad have last spoken. She’s been really upset by it all and has been asking me if she could get her last name legally changed. She wants to drop his name and have it changed to mine, my maiden name. I know she wants nothing to do with him but it could be a phase. I also know she feels lonely and, as a parent, I need to support her. Kylie is very adamant about it and I don’t know what to do.  Should I let her go through with the name change and make her father sign the papers?

-Thanks for your help and all you do, Diana